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The spirit of Sophia lives on through her business. We work tirelessly each day to grow a business centered around the same values she instilled in us growing up.”

Sophia’s Cleaning was founded by Sophia Borek in 1984.

Sophia began her first cleaning company as a college student in communist-controlled Poland. Sophia soon realized that in order to reach her full potential, she needed to immigrate to America.

As she waited for her immigration approval, Sophia taught herself five different languages and worked as a translator for an underground anti-Soviet newspaper all while running her cleaning business.

In 1984, Sophia arrived in Chicago with hopes for a better life in America. She began cleaning homes to support her family and within a few months began hiring cleaners to work for her in order to spend more time at home with her newborn son, Andre.

Throughout the years, Sophia formed a special bond with many of her clients and workers alike. She once went out of her way to help the children of one of her longtime clients pay for and arrange funeral services after a tragic accident. She also helped teach English to many of the cleaners that worked for her and guided them and their families through their first years as American citizens.

In 2012, Sophia passed away from a year’s long fight with cancer at the age of 54. She will be greatly missed by both her family and the countless people she made an impact on while running Sophia’s Cleaning Service.

A few weeks before Sophia’s passing, her oldest son, Andre, made her a promise that he would keep her business alive long after her death. He understood how much his mother cared for her company and believed the best way to honor her memory and keep Sophia’s spirit alive was through the business. 

Soon after Sophia’s death, Andre sold his old company in Michigan and moved back to Brookfield to run Sophia’s Cleaning and take care of his younger brother. Luckily, Andre had inherited his mother’s entreprenuerial spirit and tireless work ethic and was able to pick up right where his mother left off, focused around the the values his mother instilled in him growing up. 

The simple values of treating others as you’d want to be treated and working tirelessly to find only the absolute best and most trustworthy cleaners is essential to what has made Sophia’s Cleaning stand out over the last 30+ years. 

Today, Sophia’s is one of the most recognized cleaning companies in Chicago’s West Suburbs and is dedicated to maintaining the same level of quality and customer service Sophia had established long ago.

Here at Sophia’s Cleaning, we are dedicated to establishing a new cause for our company. Our “Cleaning for a Cause” initiative donates a portion of each cleaning visit to cancer research in Sophia’s name and provides free cleanings for local families who have loved ones fighting Cancer. 

“We only work with cleaners that are both experts at cleaning AND good people who we trust to treat you and your home like family.”




Cleaning For A Cause


Colorectal cancer is a relatively slow-growth form of cancer with a survival rate of 92% if detected early in stage I. Doctors currently recommend starting screenings for colon cancer at age 50.

Sophia was only 53 years old when she was first diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer with no family history of the disease. Stage IV survival rates drop to under 11%.

 With the recent increase in colon cancer diagnoses in people age 50 and under, we want to create awareness to begin screening for colorectal cancer at an earlier age than currently recommended.

 If Sophia had been screened years earlier, she may still be with us today. 

A portion of each cleaning visit is donated to increasing early cancer screening and detection awareness in honor of our mother and late founder, Sophia Borek. 

If you would like to make a direct donation or learn more about our cause, please email us at sophiascleaningillinois@gmail.com for more information.

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